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2019 Picture Schedule

All pictures taken in the O'Mara Hall located at OLSS school main entrance. See soccer flyer link for details and flyers will be handed out at the photo shoot. Dates are May 13 and May 20th. See your team's schedule below:


13-May    - In O'Mara Hall            
Time Division Team Coach   Time Division Team Coach
4:30 3YO Smurfs Madison Baialardo   4:30 U12B Strikers Giovanni Tafuri
4:45 3YO Minions Madison Baialardo   4:45 3YO Rug rats Nikki Esposito
5:00 3YO Guppies Nikki Esposito   5:00 3YO Turbo Katie Fleming
5:15         5:15 3YO Cubs  Katie Fleming
5:30 U7B Jaguars Dana Macaluso   5:30      
5:45 U5P Cyclones Madison Baialardo   5:45 U5P Lightening Katie Fleming
6:00 U5P Volcanoes Noelle Mele   6:00 U5P Hurricanes Frank Russo
6:15 U5P Blizzard Cari Graziano   6:15 U5P Avalanche Steve Clavel
6:30 U5P Tornadoes Dan Carbonella   6:30 U5P Starburst Jennifer Mercado
6:45 U11G Bengals John Sannicandro   6:45      
7:00 U7B Rhinos Steve Caruso   7:00 U8B Bears Carl Powers
7:15 U10B Gators Steve Caruso   7:15 U13G Pumas Nicole Merlino
7:30         7:30 U10B Wolverines Tony Rana
7:45         7:45      
8:00         8:00      
8:15         8:15      
8:30         8:30      
20-May    - In O'Mara Hall            
Time Division Team Coach   Time Division Team Coach
4:30         4:30      
4:45         4:45      
5:00 U8B Tigers Rudy Seddio   5:00 U7G Emeralds Mickey Hidric
5:15 U8G Diamonds Tom Marange   5:15 U8G Colts Mickey Hidric
5:30         5:30      
5:45 U7G Rubies Sal D'alessandro   5:45 U9B Barracudas Russell Moran
6:00 U9G Foxes German Brito   6:00 U9B Hawks John Shall
6:15 U11G Gazelles Lee Castellan   6:15      
6:30         6:30 U11B Falcons John Barone
6:45 U13G Bobcats Christian Perez   6:45 U15B Bulldogs Lisa Cardinale
7:00 U11G Wolves Gus Christakos   7:00 U15B Sharks Larry O'friel
7:15 U13G Cheetahs Gus Christakos   7:15      
7:30         7:30      
7:45         7:45      




                Larry O'friel


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. When do we play?

Pee Wees and 3 year olds play on Saturday mornings between 8am and noon

SIYSL players - For the most part girls play on Saturdays and boys play on Sundays.  There also could be some weeknight games in early fall or any time during the Spring.

2. Where are the games?

Games for 3 year olds and Pee Wees are at OLSS field. 

SIYSL games could be at Miller field,Owl Hollow, Mt. Loretto, Petrides, OLSS, St. Dorothys or other schools.

3. Where do we practice?

Our teams predominately practice at OLSS.

4. When do we practice?

For SIYSL team - See practice schedule. Pee Wees and 3 year olds practice on Saturday as part of their programs.

5. What do I need?

See What do I need menu selection on this site.

6. When does the season begin and end?

The season begins in the Fall (after labor day) and ends in the Spring in late June.

7. Are fees different for Spring and Fall?

No fees are the same regardless of when you start. Unfortunately, there are no half season fees.

8. Do I need to try out?

No, there are no try outs and children will be placed on age appropriate teams based on availability in a first come first serve basis.

9. What team could I be on?

See choices under team listing by age and review age brackets for potential team placement.

10. Can I select my team?

No but you can request a team and if it has availability and your child is of the appropriate age he/she will be placed on your request.

11. Do I get a uniform with my registration?

Pee Wees get a team shirt and socks and 3 year olds get a team shirt.

SIYSL players must order a uniform which is not part of the registration fee.

See Uniform link for more information.



Summer Soccer Camp

OLSS is pleased to announce our Soccer Summer Camp in 2013.

Our Camp this Year is June 24th to July 3th – weekly (June 24 – 29) or eight days (June 24 – July 3).

Our camp this year is run by St. Joseph by the Sea Varsity coach and professional trainer Erin Kennedy.

Options include full days 9am  - 3pm or half days 9am to noon. 5 full days - $250 or ½ days $175. 8 full days $400 or half days $280.

Open registration thurs May 9th at OLSS Athletic center 5pm – 7pm or sat May 11 from 9am to 11 am at olss field.

Summer Soccer Camp

 Soccer Summer Camp in 2014.

To be announced late Spring


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