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Need to know information
Friday 1/24/2015 - 6:30pm-9:30pm-MANDATORY INFORMATION SESSION
Saturday 3/21/2015 -9:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday 3/22/2015 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 6/13/15 - 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday 6/14/2015 - 9:00am - 6:00pm
Cost $600
Michael J Petrides School
715 Ocean Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10314
The new USSF D license has four distinct phases:
1. "Preparation Phase" - Candidates can pre-register for a course up to two (2) months in advance. Each candidate is assigned five (5) coaching sessions which they plan, prepare and teach. Each session plan is discussed with a course instructor and feedback is give. Each candidate must be prepared to video and send segments of their recorded sessions to their instructor for review and evaluation.
2. Instruction Phase (face to face) - Friday night, Saturday and Sunday (weekend #1) - Instructors executes and individual review of the following:
- E course performance
- 5 session plans and self evaluation
3. Deliberate Practice Phase - multi week phase after instruction phase. Each candidate completes 5 coaching sessions and has dialog with course instructor while planning and evaluation these five (5) sessions. Each candidate must be prepared to video and sen segments of their recorded sessions to their instructor for review an evaluation.
4. Performance Review Phase - Saturday and Sunday - During this final weekend some additional instructor sessions are presented and final field testing takes place. All candidates must bring their five (5) deliberated coaching session plans to course.
• "E" Licensee
• 6 months of coaching experience
• Minimum age – 18 years old
Cost: $600.00
Important: Dress for physical activity/bring plenty of fluids/bring inflated soccer ball and pen.

picture schedule

2012 Picture Schedule

Pictures will take place in the Damata Meeting Room in the Athletic Center.


Mon 5/14
Time Division Team Coach Time Division Team Coach
5:00 3 year old Orange Team Trainers 5:00 3 year old Red Team Trainers
5:15 3 year old Navy Team Trainers 5:15 3 year old Lt Blue Team Trainers
5:30 5:30
5:45 U5P Hurricanes Larry O'friel 5:45 U5P Tidelwave Kieran Kailer
6:00 U8G Starfish Lou Esposito 6:00 U6G OLSS Bobcats Lisa Cavicchio
6:15 U12G OLSS Stingrays Lou Esposito 6:15 U7G OLSS Cheetahs Gus Christakos
6:30 6:30 U10G OLSS Stars Rob Ferrante
6:45 U9G OLSS Robins Ray Fergurson 6:45
7:00 U9G OLSS Rockets Pete Distafano 7:00 U10G OLSS Blaze Eileen Gleavy
7:15 U12G OLSS Express George Vierno 7:15 U12G OLSS Cougars Brian Dipaolo
7:30 U12G OLSS Vipers Cathy Dipaolo 7:30 U14G OLSS Leopards Brian Dipaolo
7:45 7:45 U14G OLSS Turmoil Mark Wildes
Tues 5/15
Time Division Team Coach Time Division Team Coach
5:00 U5P Eagles Joe Haddad 5:00 U5P Typhoon Tara Maniscalco
5:15 U5P Tornadoes Kevin Rugg 5:15 U5P Eages Lou Pepe
5:30 U5P Hawks Ken Granowski 5:30 U5P Lightening Joe Amato
5:45 5:45
6:00 U5P Dolphins Anthony D'alessandro 6:00 U5P Cyclones Jill Passitano
6:15 U7B OLSS Jaguars Anthony D'alessandro 6:15 U8B OLSS Bears Mike Passitano
6:30 U7B OLSS Bulldogs John Garitano 6:30 U6B OLSS Broncos Solomon Chemo
6:45 6:45
7:00 U8B OLSS Tigers Sal Sirco 7:00 U8B OLSS Panthers John Mussetti
7:15 U9B OLSS Force Aldo Mele 7:15 U10B OLSS Fever Joe Barone
7:30 U12B OLSS Strikers Carmen Barone 7:30 U14B OLSS White Tigers Rob Rameriez
7:45 7:45 U14B OLSS Bengals Rob Rameriez


OLSS Team Listing


3 Year Old Cubs Co-ed

3 Year Old Rascals Co-ed

3 Year Old Guppies Co-ed

3 Year Old Giants Co-ed

3 Year Old Smurfs Co-ed

3 Year Old Rug Rats Co-ed

3 Year Old Minions Co-ed

3 Year Old Turbo Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Thunder Co-ed

Pee Wee  OLSS Typhoon Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Hurricanes Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Tidelwave Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Dust Devils Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Lightening Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Cyclones Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Tornadoes Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Fire Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Avalanche Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Blizzard Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Volcanoes Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Storm Co-ed

Pee Wee OLSS Surge Co-ed

U6G OLSS Gazelles Girls

U6B OLSS Titans Boys

U6B OLSS Rhinos Boys

U6B OLSS Stallions Boys

U7G OLSS Wolves Girls

U7G OLSS Colts Girls

U7G OLSS Bengals Girls

U7B OLSS Falcons Boys

U7B OLSS Cobras Boys

U7B OLSS Cosmos Boys

U8B OLSS Bulls Boys

U8B OLSS Sharks Boys

U8B OLSS Lions Boys

U8G OLSS Pumas Girls

U8G OLSS Cougars Girls

U9B OLSS Broncos Boys

U9B OLSS Bulldogs Boys

U9G OLSS Bobcats Girls

U10B OLSS Bears Boys

U10G OLSS Cheetahs Girls

U11B OLSS Panthers Boys

U11G OLSS Starfish Girls

U12B OLSS Force Boys

U12G OLSS Robins Girls

U13G OLSS Stars Girls

 U14B OLSS Fever Boys

U14G OLSS Blaze Girls

U14G OLSS Leopards Girls

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